„What we think we become“ Feeling too much and not thinking enough?


When I first saw the movie “The iron lady”, I fell in love with that part.

It is so well put that there is nothing to add to the meaning of what we hear. I don´t know if Margaret Thatcher really said that in her later years, but these could clearly the words of people having forged a place in history. Clairvoyance, action, persistence, values shape what a person is to become.

This message is for everyone. In leadership or not. It invites to be „in charge of“ and not simply a passenger in your life journey.

And we certainly live in a world today that invites us to share our feelings to others, whether it is about the emotions that we bear inside, and the emotions that we feel while watching, listening and reading trivial and non-trivial news and opinions on social media.

Feelings can most certainly be barriers to action by inciting people to self-pity, to lack of objectivity, to blame guilt on others for one´s difficulties. All this leading to decisions based on opinions that are not fully thought through. On the other hand, thinking develops an analytic view of the situation, and provides the essence of better decisions.

Does that mean that there is very little to gain from feelings? If they are negative feelings and blocking one´s ability to bounce back, most certainly. But as those feelings exist, they need to be acknowledged. In management, we value highly one´s capacity to emotional Intelligence to better understand the people they work with, and find out how to obtain the best from them. A speech based on objectivity alone does not go through to someone whose emotions hinder their capacity to reason.

And then of course, we must also acknowledge that enthusiasm, thirst for innovation and intuition are feelings as well. A young person starting a career feeling motivated and believing in himself does not reach that state through an algorithm, but through something immaterial. If those feelings can be so strong and so stimulating, we must take in account that feelings are just as necessary as clear thinking.

We often say that in dire situations, fear is not your enemy because it leads you to be cautious. You just need to be able to control it. The same goes with other feelings, we have to learn how they benefit us, and use them at our advantage.

As I said in the beginning, when I saw that line in the movie “Iron Lady”, I fell in love with this affirmation, I did’nt run it through a computer program to find it inspiring or accurate.

Agree, disagree, get in touch.

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